Crossboccia The game can be played anywhere.

Crossboccia The game can be played anywhere.

In the case of HKN, just a few clicks are enough to adjust computing power, storage space or other resources. New or changed requirements can also be implemented without any problems thanks to the pronounced flexibility. HKN GmbH — German cloud computing specialist Cloud solutions also offer advantages in terms of availability.

The cloud technologies at HKN are designed to be highly redundant. An availability level is achieved that is difficult to achieve on your own. The same applies to the areas of data protection and data security. HKN is a German provider that only uses German data centers. This guarantees GDPR-compliant operation.

Overall, the HKN example shows that cloud computing offers numerous advantages over traditional in-house operations. In particular, it is more flexible, faster and safer. And if the billing is based on a fixed price model, as with HKN, full cost control is ensured. «COGLAS GmbH Digitization and Industry 4.0 pose new challenges for the logistics industry.

If you want to be competitive tomorrow, you have to make your logistics processes more efficient, faster and more reliable today. With user-friendly logistics software, this is also possible without lengthy training or special knowledge. Easy control of logistics processes Regardless of whether it is trade, e-commerce or production: In the information age, companies, regardless of industry and size, are dependent on intelligent solutions for warehouse management and material flow.

Modern software, which adapts flexibly to the requirements of the company, can do more and supports you in all processes from the receipt of the goods to the dispatch, reduces the workload through the possibilities of automation, eliminates sources of error and also finds ways to make work processes more efficient . The introduction and use of such software does not have to be complicated despite the extensive possibilities — as the logistics software from COGLAS proves. Thanks to the clear standard processes and the self-explanatory user interface, users hardly need any training time and can then operate them without any problems. In the Help Center you will find numerous online help with explanatory videos. Warehouse overview and logistics processes With the help of COGLAS logistics software, companies can easily control and manage their entire warehouse, internal flow of goods and transports.

In addition, it offers you a variety of standard processes with additional functions, which you can put together individually thanks to the modular structure in order to perfectly map your internal processes and the material flow. All storage areas and stocks can be displayed graphically so that users can keep an eye on everything in real time. This guarantees transparency in the warehouse even when the warehouse is biology essay writing service

The software provides employees with reliable information on every item they are looking for — all they need is their smartphone and the COGLAS Web WMS. The software always finds the most efficient way and, thanks to features such as Multipick, allows several orders to be picked in parallel. In this way, the walking distances of the employees are considerably reduced and the picking performance increased. The COGLAS logistics software also gives users the option of setting test mechanisms and checklists for each process and thus giving employees a work structure. This ensures the high quality with changing personnel in the processing.

Logistics processes | Mobile The COGLAS logistics software can be used locally on your own server or as a cloud solution in the COGLAS cloud. It is operated via a browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone, with the display being optimized for all end devices. In addition to numerous additional functions such as warehouse key figures, warehouse billing at the push of a button and portals for business partners, the COGLAS logistics software also has numerous interfaces to ERP, e-commerce and shop systems. All common CEP service providers and carriers are supported in shipping. Automated storage systems such as shuttles, lifts and paternosters are controlled directly with pick-by-light support, regardless of the manufacturer.

The COGLAS logistics software has already been able to support numerous companies — including Spedition Bode GmbH and Jetzt geht Kurth — in reducing their throughput times, improving warehouse utilization and making their work processes more efficient. «Fotolia» Fotolia «F1 Automobil-Vertriebs GmbH Whether it is a luxury car or a convertible — anyone who wants to buy a sports car should get comprehensive advice in advance. In Karlsdorf-Neuthard, an experienced automobile supplier helps with the choice of the dream vehicle. F1 sports car in Karlsdorf-Neuthard Schnell and flexible — when developing sports cars, the main focus is on high driving performance and excellent steering.

Most sports car enthusiasts are interested in an appealing look and incomparable driving pleasure. Two-seaters with a low center of gravity, powerful engines and above-average braking systems allow an unrestrictedly sporty driving style, which is supported by a perfectly coordinated chassis. Video from the opening weekend of F1 For many fans of well-known manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin and Porsche or Bentley, Corvette and Lamborghini, the high price of their dream on four wheels is a financial obstacle.

If you don’t want to be satisfied with just a test drive, you should put your interest in buying a sports car into practice. This can be easily financed by purchasing a first-class used vehicle: After extensive advice, the desired car can be taken over at a fair and realistic price. The F1 sports car in Karlsdorf-Neuthard near Karlsruhe on the A5 has so far had the right financing or financing solution for each of its customers Leasing model provided. Interested parties will also find holistic advice from qualified contact persons: The technically experienced sports car providers have in-depth expertise and a high level of experience.

Due to their long-standing market presence, they can not only inform their customers about the advantages of the technically tested sports cars during a consultation — the consultants also honestly point out their limits. F1-Sportwagen: Mr. Forster customers particularly appreciate the authenticity of the F1-Sportwagen dealership and can look forward to a guarantee of up to 36 months with a purchase. The satisfaction of the numerous regular customers and new customers with the service of the company, which has been operating since 1996, is also reflected in the positive reviews on platforms such as AutoScout24 and Proven Expert. In addition, F1-Sportwagen has repeatedly been recognized as one of the best car dealerships in Germany by Europe’s largest internet platform AutoScout24. If the customer lacks decision-making power or financing options, but only a parking space, F1-Sportwagen can also help: The car dealership has its own Carloft , in which luxury cars are optimally monitored with video and alarm systems. With their own camera, customers can view their sports car from anywhere — and with their own chip they can pick it up for a jaunt at any time. The «Sale and buy back» concept supports customers who need financial resources at short notice but plan buy back their car.

In the course of the sale, the customer receives money and a corresponding repurchase offer. If you want to buy, lease or sell a used sports car, you will find the right advisor at the F1-Sportwagen dealership. The experienced car dealers support their customers with well-founded know-how and refer to profitable financing and storage options as well as all the advantages and disadvantages of buying and selling the noble luxury vehicles. «Fotolia playing boccia is fun — and the rules are not too difficult, so that children can play the game too. If you want to try a variant, you should try crossboccia. The game is often referred to as the» little brother of boccia «» Play anywhere The differences between cross boccia and boccia are not that great: Your own ball must be placed as close as possible to the marking that was initially thrown out.

Each player has three balls; these are thrown in turn by the actors. For each ball that is closer to the marking than the opponent’s balls at the end of the round, there is one point. A normal game of cross boccia has two sets of wins; the first person to have 13 points wins the set. The attraction of cross boccia: The game does not have to be played on a ground level court.

The balls can fly anywhere. This works because the balls are bags filled with granules. Even if the terrain is sloping — that’s no problem with crossboccia. The balls are small bags. The roots of crossboccia are clearly in boules.

However, a trend only developed when the Wuppertal student Timo Breelow came up with the idea of ​​replacing the boccia balls with fabric balls. The balls came onto the market in 2009, and the first crossboccia tournaments soon followed. In 2011 the first world championship was held in Duisburg. Crossboccia The game can be played anywhere.

On stairs, on the beach, in the hotel foyer — Crossboccia offers unlimited possibilities. There are no limits to your own creativity. And you also learn something else: concentration is trained and hand-eye coordination is also trained. Specially made balls are used for crossboccia, the upper material of which is made of washable cotton fabric.

Underneath are heavy polyester fibers and a polyester stabilizer. The sacks are filled with granules made from eco-friendly plastic beans. It’s not expensive to have fun: a ball set consists of three balls and a marker and costs around 20 euros. Crossboccia can be played anywhere. No hard balls are used, but plastic bags filled with granules. «AIDA GmbH A whirlpool in the garden brings variety and relaxation to everyday life.

Interested parties can read in this article what exactly a whirlpool is, what advantages it offers and where you can buy suitable whirlpools. The comforts of an AIDA whirlpool Compared to a swimming pool, a whirlpool is characterized by the fact that it has ergonomically shaped seats and loungers. Additional massage pumps generate powerful jets of water that are directed into the tub via nozzles. As a result, a whirlpool offers a gentle and extensive massage right through to a powerful and selective massage. AIDA smartrelax whirlpools — modern design and exciting technology A whirlpool in your own garden offers the owner a multitude of advantages, which are presented below: • Holiday feeling all year round • Whether in the morning, evening or night: Your own whirlpool is always there ready. • Modern whirlpools are easy to care for. • Automatic cleaning system with freely selectable cleaning times • Varied massage through individual pressure regulation • Bathing fun for the whole family • Romantic hours for two in the open air • Unforgettable parties and cozy evenings • Stress, back pain and tension can also be relieved the preparations in the garden are limited.

An AIDA whirlpool does not make any special demands on the installation location because it is supported by a stable stainless steel frame and protected by a closed base plate. Regardless of whether it is tiles, concrete slabs or compacted gravel — a solid, level and load-bearing surface is sufficient. All AIDA whirlpools are delivered ready for connection. All that is required is a prepared power connection.

After setting up, the outdoor whirlpool is filled using the garden hose. An electrician connects the whirlpool and you’re ready to go. A detailed instruction manual in German is also included. AIDA outdoor whirlpools are made for outdoor use At AIDA GmbH, those interested can buy high-quality whirlpools for their own garden, which ensure unforgettable hours.

In the AIDA whirlpools, each place has a different nozzle arrangement, which provides many different massage images. With a change of place, different muscle groups can be reached. In order to cool off on hot summer days, the water can be set to just 26 degrees.

In winter, however, up to 40 degrees are possible. This means that you can enjoy a relaxed outdoor bath even on cold winter days. This is made possible by the integrated heating and the multilayer ISOWAY-5 thermal insulation. The aluminum look of the outer cladding looks light and modern, while the LED strips of the whirlpool bath the garden in a pleasant light.

Different colors can be set permanently or the lighting can be operated using a color change mode. The structure-borne sound speakers inside the tub also ensure that the music in the whirlpool is louder than outside. At AIDA GmbH, interested parties can always get attractive special offers for whirlpools. AIDA GmbH, based in Westhausen, is an established supplier of outdoor whirlpools, water care and accessories. Thanks to lean operating structures and direct sales, the company can offer its whirlpools at a relatively low price.

A special focus of the company is on the high quality of materials and workmanship. «© Meet5» Quality when choosing a window pays off «Mediadesign Hochschule für Design und Informatik GmbH The media industry is constantly developing and is dependent on talents who are able to develop cross-media projects from analysis to the finished media product They acquire the creative, technical and social skills they need for this as part of a media design course at the Mediadesign Hochschule. Thanks to their proximity to practice and always up-to-date content, the students become sought-after specialists in an up-and-coming company Growth industry.

Editorial design is a classic field of activity Media designers are the creative minds behind media content in film and TV, but also in advertising, PR and marketing. In a media industry that is constantly changing, you as visionary designers are not only able to analyze, plan and create visual information; they also understand the associated connections in order to be able to prepare messages in a way that is appropriate for the target group.


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