Throughout her profession, Charlize Theron has just publicly dated guys, including Stuart Townsend

Throughout her profession, Charlize Theron has just publicly dated guys, including Stuart Townsend

Haze told The Independent, «I don’t understand if there’s like some confirm or reject thing using the method relationships operate in the news, but everyone just calls us close friends, close friends for a lifetime, like we are simply buddies chilling out. It really is funny. It really is rad in a few real methods, it sucks in other people . An interracial couple that is gay i am talking about that is simply strange for America at this time. We f k and buddies never f k. » the partnership did not final. Sources told Us Weekly that she and Haze split before Ireland examined into rehab for «emotional upheaval» in 2015.

Charlize Theron

Throughout her job, Charlize Theron has just publicly dated males, including Stuart Townsend and Sean Penn, but it doesn’t suggest she’sn’t had any same-sex romances behind the scenes. Throughout a July 2017 bout of be wary of what Happens real time with Andy Cohen, Theron admitted to previously having an intimate relationship with a girl whenever Cohen asked her the cringe-worthy «Have you ever swam within the lady pond?» question. «after all, it is simply so strange whenever we talk a great deal about any of it. It must be normalized at this point,» the Oscar-winner stated. «When I became young, yes. Personally I think like when you are young, you are simply sorts of checking out all of it, however it had been pretty clear that i must say i liked dudes.»

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Though she prefers males inside her personal life, Theron admitted that whenever having intercourse in films, certainly one of her favorite scenes ended up being with Sofia Boutella in 2017’s Atomic Blonde. «I do not understand whether it’s due to the gender, but i believe with Sofia it had been very easy simply because we are both dancers. You must choreograph those scenes a great deal, otherwise they just becomes sort of silly. There is a technical aspect to it. With her, it had been quite simple simply because she thinks like i believe . With guys, they have a tendency to never be dancers, she told Extra so it takes a little bit more work. » Doing a love scene with dudes is significantly diffent, but i love both.»

Katy Perry

Katy Perry obtained celebrity status along with her breakout hit «we Kissed a lady» in 2008. During the time of its launch, she told press that she’d kissed a woman whenever she ended up being about 19 yrs . old » and it ended up being great,» but she did not expound regarding the experience.

Nevertheless, in the Human Rights Campaign Gala in March 2017, after a lengthy sequence of general public romances with guys, including Travis McCoy, Russell Brand, John Mayer, Diplo, and Orlando Bloom, Perry admitted (via Express), «I talk my truths and I paint my dreams into these small bite size pop tracks. As an example, ‘we kissed a woman and I liked it.’ In all honesty, I did significantly more than that. But just how had been I planning to get together again that with a gospel girl that is singing in youth teams that have been pro-conversion camps?»

Perry included, «The thing I did understand had been I happened to be interested and also I quickly knew sex was not as black colored and white as this gown. And truthfully, I have actuallyn’t constantly gotten it appropriate, however in 2008 whenever that track arrived out I knew that I began a discussion and plenty of the whole world seemed inquisitive adequate to sing along, too.»

Chrissy Teigen

In a March 2016 bout of be wary of what Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asks Chrissy Teigen if she actually is swam when you look at the lady pond (really, who states that?) The swimsuit model, respected tweeter, and Lip Sync Battle hostess, who is gladly hitched to musician John Legend, responded, «Oh! Possibly doggy-paddled? Perhaps maybe Not strong swam.»


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