What’s the Best Motorcycle Touring Luggage For My Bike?

We are asked this question all the time but unfortunately there are very few easy answer. There a large number of options to choose between, depending upon which type of bike you are cruising. Hard luggage is a must for many of the customers; the obvious advantages are the security that it provides and the concept that it is waterproof. Also, so quick and easy to take on and off, no fiddling about with straps when you are selecting hard luggage! The disadvantage can be the initial outlay if you are on a budget.

Popular makes of hard luggage include Givi, Hepco & Becker and Krauser, all of which manufacture racks/fitting kits specific to bike model. When you are looking to put hard luggage on your bike, the first reveal consider is «does anyone make a rack for my bike?» Once you might have established this, everything more of an idea of the options on hand. Owners of popular bikes for example Honda Blackbird and the Suzuki Bandit uncover they have an entire choice, whereas when you’ve got a sports bike such as the GSXR, your options will be greater limited.

Many racks quick-release, such as you move the SW-Motech racks, these kind of are fitted to the bike with 3 or 4 fitting points which are permanent, but unobtrusive. The baggage racks can then be easily put on/taken off within minutes, using quick-release bolts.

Of course many riders do not want to put hard luggage on their bike, as they don’t want the look in the pride and joy spoilt by book shelves. This is where soft luggage comes in, and the choice here is vast from a simple tank bag to a set of throw-over panniers and a tail pack. Among the problems with soft luggage is the reason is rarely completely rainproof. The zips are usually the area of vulnerability but much manufacturers are combating this problem with covered zips. Much like now a broad range of waterproof bags, such as the Helen 2 Wheels range which very versatile and could be fitted to most makes of sport bike.

Another option for sports bikes will be the Ventura range of soppy luggage, which is mounted on a rear rack so easy to put on and take off. As you are not using your luggage, the rack can be easily replaced with a simple grab rail.

Aluminium luggage is yet alternative which is considered very popular, particularly with BMWs/adventure sport bikes. Most of the hard luggage manufacturers have a version of type of luggage, which is actually tough and constant.

If you own a cruiser motorcycle, such as a Harley, you will be looking for something completely some other. There is a vast array of cruiser luggage available, you might be looking for leather panniers, Cissy bar bags, tool rolls, and rack carrying cases. Leather panniers can be either throw-over or fitted onto a chrome tubular rack, which will be specifically designed with your model of scooter. Cissy bar bags come in all styles. Most of this luggage is manufactured in America but is for the UK.

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