Attracting Women Isn’t As Difficult As It May Seem Fellas Not At All

Attracting Women Isn’t As Difficult As It May Seem Fellas Not At All

It will just result in futility. So, while online dating can be a great resource for single people, you have to go into it with realistic expectations. If you believe too many misconceptions, you won’t find the love of your life–just frustration. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook15Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: Dating, dating advice, dating tips, For Men, For Women,, okcupid, Online Dating, single, tinder There comes a time atlanta divorce attorneys relationship if the initial spark gets extinguished. It really is up to the amorous couple to light the flame of their love once more but this is easier said than done. In fact, once the spark is entirely gone, many couples, even married ones, tend to break up for good. In order to avoid such a heartbreaking scenario, couples should act before it isn’t too late and light the spark back in their relationship. The following guidelines are here to help relieve the elaborate means of staying in love forever. Flirt using eye contact Regardless of how you’ve met your present partner, the initial spark probably came up when you looked at each other for the first time. In human beings, eye contact is especially important. This is how our primate antecessors use to communicate before speech developed and eye contact is still a dominant method in which people flirt to one another. All you have to do is reignite the spark by considering your partner the way you use to back when you first met.

A wink in some places and a stare is what will remind them of the time if the spark originated. In fact, you should never lose the flirtatious part of your relationship, to begin with. Dressed to thrill You are probably helping your husband do his tie or you are helping your wife zip her dress before a ceremony you are attending together. Getting all dressed-up is nice but how about looking your best for your spouse! Don’t mind that it’s only Wednesday but bring out your best attire and put it on when you go out with your partner out for a meal. They will notice and appreciate the effort you are making to impress then and are sure to reciprocate. Looking your Sunday best all the time will help you two keep the flame alive this is why clear visual sign that you still care for each other. Be an attentive listener How many times have uttered the question “how was your day, hun” but never stuck around to hear the full answer? Probably more than a few times so make the effort to change this ill practice. Your partner is a constant need to have a person to listen attentively to them, even if they have no real problems in life.

If you constantly refuse to hear them out, then they might check out someone else for much-needed attention. That’s why make sure to hear every word they say and try to understand how they feel. Don’t respond with empty phrases but make an effort to give sensical advice and provide viable solutions to their dilemmas. A present here and there The holiday season and your partner’s birthday shouldn’t be the only time they receive material gift ideas from you. In fact, each new day you spend together is reason enough for giving and sharing. Coming back from work and finding something as inexpensive as a chocolate bar intended for them can lift your partner’s spirits. On other occasions, you might charm them with original gift ideas like champagne and beer bouquets that can be ordered online. Speaking of bouquets, the present should really be wrapped with attention to detail so your sweetheart knows you truly care and aren’t purchasing the gift just because you feel sorry about something bad you’ve done. A surprise gift here and there is just the thing needed to reignite that old spark and promote romance in the best possible manner. Prioritize your relationship Nobody likes being unimportant and this is especially true in love. If work hard throughout the day and then meet up with friends and family afterward, ditching the plans you’ve made with your partner, then you are jeopardizing the relationship. What you have with your significant other should be on the list of top priorities in your daily life. Yes, work is important because that’s how we earn money that enables us to sustain our existence but there is more to life than work. If you are earning more than enough, perhaps it’s time and energy to shift a gear down and give your love life precedence.

Lighting up the old love spark is perhaps the toughest business challenge you’ll ever face.

Great A few ideas for Daytime Dating

Texting each other Staying in contact and letting each other known what you feel when you’re far apart can be important. As opposed to making a single cordial phone call, it is possible to opt to text each other the whole day. A text like “Good luck” while you are away on a business trip and about to secure a major deal for the company can make a world of difference. Support is an essential part of every relationship and it doesn’t go on a break just because you two aren’t physically next to each other. There are so many instant messaging apps nowadays there is no excuse for not staying in contact. In fact, each time your love sees an unread message you have sent them, their heart jumps a little. Travel together In the world of mass tourism and cheap holiday deals, there is absolutely no reason against taking a short break from the daily Route. Whether it’s a trek through Eastern Europe, a city break in Sydney or a summer vacation on Ibiza, traveling together will help you reconnect. When people are on the way alone, they tend to rely more on each other, which helps strengthen the bond between them. With regards to amorous couples, they get a chance to be adventurous together. These shared experiences help them reignite the spark that might be long gone. a king-sized bed might just be the thing your troubled relationship needs. Simply telling your partner how much you love them won’t revamp your relationship on its own.

No matter how sincere you are about your feelings, know that actions speak louder than work and you have to act fast before the elusive spark is gone forever. The tips we have listed above are bound to reignite the flame of love in your relationship but you have to be consistent about their application. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook4Tweet0Pin1 Posted in: Relationships Tagged in: #relationship #love #passion #ideas, Relationships Photo by @shellterell I’ll set the stage:  MAN is in marketing. WOMAN is beginning as a writer. They have met once. WOMAN mentions that her manuscript was requested by an agent. Man asks to read it. WOMAN says she actually isn’t looking for any input. Man assures her he wouldn’t do that. WOMAN doesn’t give him it anyway; it’s erotica and he’s only going to put it to use as wank fodder. They both know that. MAN: (in lashings and lashings of ginger beer voice) I know! I have to read that…she said she didn’t want input but maybe she just needs to see how great my input is! Why don’t I email her with a load of a few ideas about how she could write it better?

On planet WTF this really is called being helpful and gives her a chance to see how knowledgeable I am! WOMAN: I know this is well meant and you’re just enthused about the project and packed with a few ideas. But, you know that right now it’s in the hands of an agent deciding to reject or not. This all just makes me think they’ll find reasons it’s not ready to go to a publisher. MAN: Does she not see how helpful and impressive I am?! I know, I’ll send her another email!…I could just apologise…No wait! I have a much better idea! I’ll offer some suggestions how she could make that pitch she’s already done better! AND I can wangle in an idea of how she can get reader feedback (I haven’t asked if she already has done that but that’s a mere detail!).

She’s bound to let me read her wank lit then! WOMAN: Delete. (a few days later) MAN: Gosh, I don’t know why she hasn’t replied. What do you think Rover? ROVER (MAN’S DOG): Arf, arf, arf! MAN: You’re right Rover! I should text her and tell her how much I liked her last blog post! Then she’ll see what a good reader i am and how positive my feedback will be! ROVER: Arf, arf, arf! MAN: Golly, Rover, you’re right! It’s half past midnight!

She’ll definitely see how enthusiastic I am about her work if I send a message late at night! WOMAN: And….another one for the blog. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook5Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: Dating, funny stories, mansplaining, men are from another planet, men are from mars, men are from wtf, Venus, women Nothing says romance like hot wax on a tramp stamp… Have a hot date this Valentine’s Day and looking for some advice? We interviewed dating coach, David Wygant to have the low down on what men really think on a first date. It’s completely normal to have butterflies fluttering in your stomach as you will get ready for the evening. You may find yourself starring at your wardrobe for hours, contemplating what to wear. Is this dress too revealing, should I choose a plunge or square neck? These are but a few of the questions that circle round our heads every time we have been taken out on a date, and more often than not we battle with our thoughts for far too long. Nonetheless, going by David’s advice, it shouldn’t take up too much of our time; “The best outfit to wear is something that makes you feel sexy, yet also doesn’t reveal too much.

Men: Let’s Work on Our Dating Profile

“I always tell women all the time, jeans, boots, little low cut sweater, pull your own hair back, smell really great and the man will enjoy every moment. “He wants to check out your system, he desires to see what you look like, and that is conservative enough and it doesn’t send out the wrong signals” he said. With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is sure to be in the air, and restaurants across the globe are set to see an influx of diners booking a table for two. To help answer any lingering questions you may have, we talked to David to discover what men really think on a first date. Is there anything women should avoid saying on a first date? People always say it’s best to be yourself, but what when you have a trait that seems to just repel men? “Yes, you know what repels men the most? “When a woman wants young ones within the hour of the first date, she basically tells you that she desires to be a stay-at-home mum, drive a mini-van and be a soccer mum. “That repels men instantly.  Why?

  Because we may want similar exact thing, but we want to feel like we’re the most important person in your life for at least a short period of time, to ensure that’s something that repels men. Not only that, another thing that repels them is you talking negatively about your past boyfriend and still being wounded from a relationship.” Should women offer to split the bill on the first date? “If a man asked you out, a man should pay.  If you ask him out, you should pay. “You can provide, just a question, but if a man asked you out and you offer to split the bill and he allows you to, run. Because you know what, a real man will pay for his first date any time.” How long after a first date should I wait until I call?  Should I call him or wait? “I’m a traditionalist. Text a guy after a day and say I had a great time yesterday. “See how he responds and it’s up to him to call you and ask you out again.  Avoid being chasing him.  A man should pursue you.” Are there any tell-tale signs that a man will be calling you? “No, men are great disguisers. They can pretend they’re interested in you and you’ll never hear from them again. There are no tell-tale signs at all. “Even in case a man goes in for a kiss, he still may not call you the very next day or call you again. “But what you need to do is when a man doesn’t call, you need to let it go, you need to realise he’s just not into you, not interested as well as its okay.” The interview with David Wygant was conducted by fancy dress retailer, AFD that have a fantastic range of party outfits, perhaps you can wear these next year if all goes well? Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook8Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Questions and Answers, Special Tagged in: david wygant, valentines day We all look ahead for a stunning new year and make resolutions to be a better version of ourselves.

While a majority of us add meditation, exercise and a healthy diet to the list, we often fail to incorporate better sleep in it. Getting good sleep is vital for maintaining an ideal body and mind functioning. A lack of it can invite various physical and mental health issues. Although the concept of getting baby-like sleep each day might seem tough, it really is, nonetheless, not the case. By adopting some changes in your life style, it is possible to soon get your healthy dose of sleep Go to Bed On-Time This is fundamentally the starting step for getting the right number of sleep. Following a fixed sleep schedule helps you to quickly doze off as your system loves sticking with a routine. Studies have shown that people who had irregular sleeping times reported poor sleep and consequently, bad health. Make an effort to sleep and wake up on time and you will soon view a tremendous improvement in your sleep quality. Besides that, you won’t be needing an alarm to wake up after a while. Get Enough Sunlight When our bodies are exposed to sunlight, there is a release of a chemical called Serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates everything from mood to sleep in the human body. Serotonin then gets converted into another chemical known as Melatonin which can be responsible for inducing sleep. Hence sunlight act as one of the best medicine for insomniacs. Spend some time in the light outside for quickly falling asleep at night. Check Your Diet Our body takes longer to digest processed and spicy foods.

These types of foods can adversely impact our sleep cycle. Energy drinks and caffeine may also be some of the worst beverages to consume before sleep, as they keep you charged up. Start eating almonds before sleep as this dry fruit is abundant with magnesium, which can be vital for inducing sleep. An ounce per serving before going to bed would be more than enough for an adult. If you are not a vegetarian, eat fishes rich in fatty acids as they are the most effective foods which beat chronic sleep deprivation, especially in kids. Clean Your Bedroom Even though it might sound strange, keeping your bedroom neat and tidy helps a good deal in giving you an excellent night’s sleep. The clutters in your bed could cause discomfort that keeps you awake. Having a clean bed also prevents the chances of allergies and infections. Get rid of that extra pillows in your bed for having enough space while sleeping. By making your bed, you will soon get that refreshing slumber you were waiting for.

Limit your alcohol and caffeine consumption As mentioned above, caffeine is one of those beverages that disrupts the sleep cycle by delaying the timing of our body clock. Research showed that half of the adults in the United States consume caffeine up to 300 milligrams a day, 3 times higher than the world average. Speaking about alcohol, it really is dangerously mistaken as a sleeping aid by a lot of people. While alcohol helps quickly to doze off, the grade of sleep is severely hampered. Alcohol also affects bodily chemicals that help to encourage sleep. Decrease the quota of these two beverages for slowly curbing the dependency to them. Cut Back Smoking Tobacco present in cigarettes is a highly addictive substance, which also leads to disturbance in sleep. Smoking is also known to cause sleep apnea, a disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts, making you snore loudly. Smoking is an addiction that is highly difficult to drop at once. There are great alternatives like vaping as e-cigarettes have the facility to vary the nicotine levels, which significantly reduces your dependency on it. Try Digital Detoxification Gadgets are probably the number one cause of sleep deprivation in teenagers. The blue light emitted by laptop and mobile screens delay the release of melatonin, increasing alertness. It’s possible to try digital detoxification, which is a process where in actuality the user entirely shuns the use of digital devices. You shall be amazed by the effectiveness of this method. If you find it tough to keep your gadgets away for some time, put them aside two or three hours before going to bed.

Sacrificing your sleep regularly is the worst thing you can do to your system. To function as stronger version of yourself, one should begin from taking care of his or her physical health. For building excellent physical health, getting 6-7 hours of proper sleep is the starting step towards it. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook5Tweet0Pin1 Posted in: Opinion, Tips & Advice Tagged in: better sleep, new year resolution, give up smoking At the best of times, dating and relationships certainly are a minefield of do’s and dont’s that single people have to thread through carefully. Sometimes, you were left looking for love in all the wrong places. Sometimes, they’re lucky. Mickey and Gus, in the Netflix original series ‘Love’ are sometimes lucky and often not, but we can all learn a little something about relationships using this pair and their antics. Like what, you ask?

Here are just a few little tidbits that could help your love life: Don’t talk about your ex Sure, your past is important to you, but throwing it in the face of your new love won’t win you any points. Gus takes it one step further when he asks Mickey to drive him home – to his old address – and she ends up face to face along with his ex-girlfriend, which leads to a face-to-face encounter between his new love interest and still antagonistic ex-AWKWARD! Of course, he might not have done that if he wasn’t high as a kite from “hot boxing in Mickey’s car at the time, which segues nicely into point #2, below. Don’t get wasted in front of your new love However you like to relax after a long day, getting too comfy too soon in the relationship might lead you to reveal somewhat too much about you, and probably not in a good way! Like Gus’ ‘honesty’ when he compared Mickey’s age to “Jesus Christ when he died” or later on when Mickey jumps off into a pool with painful and embarrassing consequences. Those are the form of mistakes which can be hard to come back from. There will be time to enjoy a glass or two of wine once you are more content with each other and with the relationship. Don’t go hang out where your exes hang out Avoiding your old haunts = avoiding where your exes might be.

when you have an excellent rapport, it could be okay. Nonetheless, if you ended things badly, it could be rough and lead to doing stuff like Mickey does when she leaps in to a pool after encountering not one but three of her exes at a party who have been all angry at how she ended things with them! It might be tempting to show off a new love interest in the front of an ex, but this will only create bad vibes all the way around while making your new love interest question your maturity. Do choose mutually agreeable activities for dates Don’t try and be a wizard and guess what your date might like to do: ask them! If your favorite hobby is playing a rousing game of paintball war – or in Gus’ case, a magic club – you may be disappointed if your date isn’t into it. It’s a great idea to show your interests and passions to your new love interest, but in the early stages of your relationship stick to dates you know you’ll both enjoy and connect with easily. Don’t show up at their work unannounced This spells creepy. Don’t take action.


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