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Red-skin coach: Lattellasi Suspei — Yang Mu Maken two well-known functions

Washington Red Pley Shundo Roen Rivera has been compared to chase Young and some well-known rushing hands.

Recently, in an interview, Rivira took Yang Bibi as a small Julius Peppers.

«His one doesn’t want Juliet,» Rivira said. «His body is like him; he is his mini version. He has a stronger initial explosive power. Juliet is very high, his explosive power is very good, but because of his one, it seems to be more explosive than actually. I mean It is Zhu Limez to be a phenomenon-level player, and this young man may be his type of player. «

There is a famous career of 2 meters 01, and he has selected a professional bowl of career. It has been selected for cheap jerseys from china the best lineup. In 2002, he became the best defensive new show in 2002. In addition, it was also selected for the 2000 and 2010 nfl jerseys. Ten years of the best lineup. His career has achieved 159.5 times, and the ranking history is fourth.

Yang has an excellent exercise ability and explosive power, which makes him a choice of red skin in the list. Perpus is not the only comparative template that Rivira thought.

«When I watched Chase, I watched his training and looked at his competition. I thought of von miller,» Rivira said. «So I am very excited to see him.»

If Yang’s performance in the rookie season reaches Miller and Pepez in his own show, the power of the red skin guards will not be underestimated. Miller got 11.5 killing in the rookie season, Pepez won 12 kills, and the two became the best defensive new show in the season.


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